May 2, 2016

About Particle Board

A particleboard is a reconstituted panel product in which the two key ingredients are engineered flakes and synthetic adhesive. Unlike other timber substitutes – plywood and block board, particle board is an ecologically sound alternate that is manufactured to predetermined technical parameters. It is a bonded product in which every flake in the board is bonded with highest quality adhesive with every other flake to give a toughness that meets very high engineering standards.

<li>Product Size and Thickness</li>
<li>Raw material Used</li>
<li>Production Process</li>
<li>Technical Features</li>
<li>Special features of our Boards</li>
<li>Application of Boards</li>
<li>Proper method of storing boards</li>
<li>Product Quality</li>
<li>Product Grade and Type</li>

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