May 2, 2016

Forestry Operations

BBPL’s Forestry Sector is entrusted with the responsibility of supplying green wood to particleboard factory on sustainable basis. Its prime responsibilities comprise of mechanized logging, afforestation and engineering. The Forestry sector is also mandated to preserve the environment, maximize plantation, maintain high cutting to plantation ratio, which is currently 1:24 and create even aged forest with fast growing industrial species.

Logging Division:The logging division is entrusted with the responsibility of carrying out logging and supply of green wood to the company’s particleboard factory at Tala.

Logging operations are carried out strictly as per rules and regulations of concerned agency of Agriculture, Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB).Felling principles and bucking rules are followed to avoid damages to the environment.

Afforestation Program:The Afforestation Program is entrusted with the responsibility of raising seedlings in nursery, planting them in the field, maintaining and protecting them from damages through its four responsibilities of:–

a)Research and development



d)Plantation and maintenance


Engineering:The Division deals with construction and maintenance of forest road connecting BBPL’s raw material area and to facilitate transportation of wood raw materials to the factory.



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