May 2, 2016

Method of storing boards

Proper and careful stacking of both plain and prelaminated particleboard is of utmost importance in order to avoid distortion of shape, bucking, damage to ends, prevention of ingress of water or moisture or water soaking of the surface. The storing should be done in the following manner.
All boards should be kept in covered space, on flat level and dry surface,

The boards should be supported on the horizontal floor with a minimum of 100 MM clearance from the floor supported by flat wooden blocks or wooden battens or particle board battens having smooth plain surface;

The number of supports should be a minimum of three (3) along the length of the board and depending on the board length the number of support points should be increased. The gap between supports should be equal (see sketch), and over hanging of board beyond the support point should be kept minimum and should not exceed 300 MM (1 feet).

No board should be kept standing against the wall (see sketch),and to prevent bucking of thin boards like 8 MM, 6MM etc in storage, use either one 25 MM board of same length as the board being stored, or two 18 MM pallet boards over the batten supports for the board storage (see sketch)

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